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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2018 9:30pm-10:00pm CET

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yeah. has an hour and a beauty. pageant all. the feats in the pantheon of the great tennis certainly he's one for the ages. but the fuck. is cut ten or fourteen. starts december twenty second t.w. . two thousand and eighteen will go down in history as the deadliest year ever for the pursuit of the truth according to reporters without borders eighty journalists were killed this year most of them like the murdered solti dissident shogi were deliberately targeted where is this unprecedented hate and hostility coming from what depending on the country that you live in you may want to start with your
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president go off in berlin this is the day. one of the most dishonest groups of people ever ever ever you're ever going to. find that one is going to take i used as a camera mounted and detonated his explosives amongst a group of journalists. the night it dug before long i will be able to return to mine baby girl. should do so when i left jail and i left behind who have nothing to do with terrorism or the coup so. they want to shut us down. i mean not against the government we are doing our jobs and i job is to hold power to account
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. also coming up tonight today a federal judge stopped short of calling former trump national security adviser michael flynn a traitor for lying to the f.b.i. about his russian contacts so what does the trump white house have to say about michael flynn tonight we wish general flynn well and we'll continue to focus on doing what we do here every single day the president looking for the comp that is given these things a splendid break up it is perfectly acceptable for the president to make a positive comment about somebody while we wait to see what the courts are terminations. we begin the day with the disturbing reality for the men and women who try to report the truth journalism like never before it can be hazardous to your health it can get you killed today reporters without borders released its annual report on the
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state of journalism around the world and it makes for some very dark reading.
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well you can understand it's no wonder that many of my fellow journalists their friends and their families wish that they could forget the year two thousand and eighteen let's run through the numbers to understand a little bit better reporters without borders says that eighty journalists have been killed so far this year now that's fifteen more than last year and it makes twenty eight thousand the most lethal on record most of the deaths happened in afghanistan syria yemen india you see right there the united states joined this black list and comes in fifth place for the first time now the number of jailed journalist has increased standing at three hundred and forty eight tonight most of prism is taking place in china egypt turkey iran and saudi arabia how did the world become so hostile to journalists and what can be done to reverse this trend is
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a lot to talk about tonight and i'm happy to welcome back to the day christiane mir he is head of reporters without borders germany chris. it's good to have you back on the show why do so many people hate us and the work that we do. very often i seen lots of countries all over the world we see a hostile climate toward stin lists we see corrupt governments who unbolt in organized crime and. the middle east we see lots of fragile states where actually the state is not anymore visible or in power but where organized crime crime took over power you were report does not directly the finger at u.s. president donald trump but the report does state that expressions of hatred legitimize loyalists and you know that immediately makes makes me think of you always using that phrase in the me of the people of cause what we see globally that
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if you go to cambodia for example if you go to philippines countries where two journalists are almost on a daily basis happening and that the president of the philippine then the president of cambodia days of self they they refer to president donald trump if he says label journalists enemy of the people we could do so as well and so you cannot i think direct link any killings of journalists to what donald trump says but at least i mean it gives legitimacy to to a hostile climate and not only countries but lots of all of countries all over the world and we've seen that right here in germany as well haven't we yeah unfortunately we saw in germany this year writing number of threats against journalists physical threats against journalists who have been reporting about right wing demonstrations and i think their lives of people who somehow few comfortable in a climate which is word that is thrown out on
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a regular basis. you know the lying press a few years ago that would have been unheard of to say that. word in public yeah and that is really referring i sync with. six seven years ago you always would have used it with spelling marks and now currently it's more or less used to all of it's own and they know all the basis by critical people even if it's ironic but it's a nazi term and i think you have to be aware of and it's if it's done demonstrations and used as a term against the work of journalists this is a very some trend even if we mourn in germany unfortunately we don't have to. join it as there's a very good point we're fortunate in in that regard do you think christiane do we carry part of the blame for this dramatic downturn in public opinion regarding our will work i mean journalists are not saints and maybe have been sometimes in deposits where the phrase of chick chick to tea was somehow
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misunderstand misunderstood as something that journalists would not make any faith as a journalist a human beings and i think objectivity is nothing which exists i would say but is always an approximation to objectivity it may be over soon i mean this was that maybe just haven't been always honest with themselves and to the public and this is at least maybe one point but of course we have as well a changing media environment as well which makes it more easier to to to distribute hatred and to shout loudly so i think unfortunately it's a mixture of different patterns you just before reporters without borders release this in your report margaret sullivan the media columnist at the washington post she she came out with a strong critique of the media and we've got an excerpt here i want to read for you on she writes that the news media continues even now when it should know better to
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be addicted to both journalism in the name of fairness objectivity and respect for the office. of the us presidency it still seems to take trump at his word while knowing full well that his word is not good when major news organizations publish tweets and news alerts that repeat faults foods merely because the president uttered them so that it becomes an she says journalistic malpractise i mean that's a big that's a strong if she run. maybe i don't check all the concerts but she has one point to that extent which i see a varying trend as well because you have people who say we see a revival of quality journalism in d.s. because rising subscriptions rich number the new york times and seems like this as well i see something which i think is a bit varying but it's a generalised yes somehow turn out being activists a bit activist against
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a president who's hostile towards journalists towards towards liberal democracy and distant journalists somehow towards activists like we know it from dictatorships even without comparing not at all the us was any dictatorships but it's always a problem if generous when journalists become activists because journalists wrote is not not next to us by the but it was some someone who describes part of the reality you have that there's a good it's not just it's not just an american delimit i mean you can consider for example when we report here in germany but the far right the a d. or reporting about the polish government the government what's going on there i mean our tell me if you agree with this our respect for the office of prime minister or the president it sometimes actually gets in the way of us doing our job you know of course and i can understand the journalistic behavior to some extent because if if the people who who you have to take into account and if you
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have to hold accountable and that's the road of the jonas as it is a question. the profession as such i can understand this change of roe but i think we have to keep distance and i think we have to be careful journalists because this in the end will lead to more loss of credibility and then it becomes dangerous and let's hope that the report for two thousand and nineteen will be better than the report for two thousand and eighty christiane head of reporters without borders germany because as always we appreciate it thank you for vietnam is another country that gives a tight leash on its media and that power extends beyond the country's borders e.w. simon young met a vietnamese journalist who has been running an online news portal right here in berlin for the past decade. believes there's a hunger for uncensored information in vietnam especially from young people to
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reach that audience from his office in far away berlin he's taken to the internet. had war to this information is almost the been in vietnam if a journalist tells the truth about politics he will probably have a problem straight away. he could be threatened or arrested beaten up people are so interested to get information about politics. on. chua has been publishing pieces on his news website about his home country for ten years usually in vietnamese sometimes in german mostly he writes about vietnamese politics and the situation of his country many europe. he's reported many times on the case of chinch one ton who sought asylum in germany but was allegedly
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kidnapped in berlin by vietnamese agents and now faces trial in hanoi such stories says lee truong chua have annoyed the vietnamese or storage it's. our website has been blocked in vietnam since july twenty seventeen normally when you type in. d. and nothing comes up. he says a lot of his information comes from journalists in vietnam who can't tell what they know there but he says even working in germany is dangerous. and. if we work here we get threats really from real people they call us or they send a text saying they want to kill us. despite the obstacles is getting past the vietnamese senses he says his site was accessed more than two and a half million times during a recent month mostly from computers in vietnam but that success will not stop him
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calling for greater freedom of speak. germany never shuts down a vietnamese page so why does vietnam close a german page it's not right it's an injustice which must be ended that these are. well tonight we know that donald trump's former national security advisor michael flynn will not be going to prison net least not this year today a federal judge in washington postponed sentencing until next march now that could give flynn more time to cooperate with special counsel robert muller as he investigates possible collusion between trump's campaign and russia flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia's u.s. ambassador in the days just before donald trump became u.s. president clinton originally said that he had not met the ambassador when in fact he had today
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a federal judge lambasted flynn saying he quote arguably sold out his country are joining us now from washington is our very own minus where you are on the story for us tonight good evening to you my at ok the irony here it cannot be overlooked michael flynn during the republican national convention in two thousand and sixteen led the crowd chanting about hillary clinton lock her up today when flint entered the courthouse people were shouting about michael flynn lock him up. oh and it should also be noted that michael flynn used to be a democrat pretty much up until the twenty sixteen campaign if i recall correctly. a couple of also circle moments happening today in washington d.c. it. really was a surprise turn of events that. what we saw today happen the way it did not in the
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least because we saw people chanting lock him up because the judge pretty much made no declaration whatsoever and the buzz around town prior to today had been that lynn was probably going to be let off easy in part if not fully because of his extensive cooperation with the mohler investigation but then we saw a turning of the tables religion day with the judge really not having it really not buying flynn's defense that he was contrite and he knew what he had done and he wanted to make amends for it and won't you won't you please have mercy on me not not what we were expecting to see today and so now we know that flynn has until next march to do to do what i mean could he possibly have more information for mr mole. that's a big question brant the prosecutors it should be noted that both the prosecutors
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and the defense team today did not have a problem with the judge choosing to delay the sentencing but prosecutors at the beginning of the proceedings also said that flynn seemed to have given all that he had to give. that quote he had provided the vast majority of the potential cooperation that he could provide which is sort of nice for we've used them all up so while we don't know what he has provided we don't know what exactly what mahler is looking in jail we don't know exactly what the niceties of these transactions of bad if they seem to indicate that they're done with him and it's unclear what more he could provide to mahler in the intervening months the white house this evening refused to condemn the crimes which flynt has admitted to committing trump earlier today tweeted that he wished michael flynn well is the u.s. president is he is he sending
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a message to flynn here. well the white house was definitely on the defensive today. the defense that they had been going with in this case was that flynn was entrapped somehow into lying to the f.b.i. but flynn sort of blew that up the moment he walked into the courtroom and admitted no he knew that lying to the f.b.i. was a crime and he knew that he was lying to the f.b.i. and that sort of left the white house which had been defending him and had been on his side on the least through this good luck to you tweet that the president sent out today sort of hanging in the wind there and sarah huckabee sanders the press secretary tried to still engage this defense saying that. you know that the trying to be critical of the f.b.i. and the white house seemed to be according to some sources under the impression that the judge was was in fact going to go easy on him which is not the case not
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what happened even though again we haven't seen whether or not he's going to be said there's any jail time yes exactly perhaps i guess we read until march to find out what will happen w.'s minesweeper on the story for us tonight in washington as always my thank you. his words left little room for interpretation in a speech marking forty years of market reforms trying as president xi jinping told the west that his country's role in the world is growing and must be respected she warned that beijing will not be dictated to at the same time he tried to play down fears that china wants to become the world's dominant superpower. it was an impeccably choreographed event designed to showcase china's transformation from an inward looking farming based society to the economic giant it is today.
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the country's president xi jinping credited forty years of what he termed socialism with chinese characteristics for lifting people out of poverty and pushing china on the international stage. but the stage now more than ever is fraught with tension in a thinly veiled reference to his country's months long trade dispute with the united states she has this to say so. there's no text book of rules to follow for the reforms and opening of china a country with five thousand years of history and civilization and with the population of more than one point three billion people no one is in a position to dictate to the chinese people what should or shouldn't be done. no one not even seemingly the leader of the most powerful economy in the world this footage shows paying having dinner with u.s.
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president donald trump i think g twenty summit in argentina earlier this month the result was an agreement to a ninety day truce in their trade conflict. but the arrests since then of a top executive of chinese tech equipment giant twi way has left that truce on shakier ground than ever the tone coming from beijing today was defiant china won't be pushed around. by gordon chang he is a columnist and author who has written frequently on china he joins me tonight from florida mr think it's good to have you on the show so we've got china doing what the u.s. has been doing putting on a show of strength without a lot of show here which side there would you say has the sharpest. well that's clearly the united states remember that the u.s. is the trade deficit country and during trade or as if you call them that deficit
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countries rate basically don't worry about the french it's the surplus countries that worry about it also china has an overwhelming dependence on the u.s. last year china's merchandise trade surplus against america was eighty eight point nine percent of their overall merchandise trade surplus that is overwhelming dependence on the u.s. market and chinese companies like c.t.e. and while a dependent u.s. technology you put all up together i think that the only factor the u.s. may not have and it is the most important factor but the only factor that the u.s. may not have is political will we've got to see who has more of the. you tweeted earlier today correct me if i'm wrong here you tweeted i'm now optimistic that there will be no trade deal and we do not need another deal with china which it will violate we need the chinese to stop trade violations and stop stealing our
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intellectual property that yeah that's true intellectual property theft is rampant do you see any signs though that china is going to stop that or that the united states has the capability of stopping it. well you know i don't think china is going to stop it until it has no choice and then the issue is whether president trump and the u.s. political system is going to impose those costs on beijing to make it stop now we certainly can do that china is vulnerable on a number of different fronts so for instance just that that seven year ban on c.t.e. that was imposed in april just was a death sentence for the company president trump gave it a reprieve but we could put jeff for instance the largest chinese banks out of business because they've been laundering money for north korea if we can cut him off from their dollar accounts that would shake not just the chinese financial system but the chinese economy and political system and you have
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a chinese economy now that senior people in beijing are privately saying is growing it no more than one point seven percent some people are saying that the chinese economy is contracting and so you know beijing is not really in a position to challenge the united states unless it intimidates president trump into caving in now that's entirely possible but i don't think that it will happen right now for a number of reasons and this agenda because as we've just got about a minute left in the in the show but are you saying that these statistics the numbers that china presents to the world about its economy are they purposely wrong and incorrect and exaggerated yeah i think that they probably are we saw that order from the national bureau of statistics in beijing to gone down authorities not to publish their purchasing managers index when basic tries to centrally controlled economic data is
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a really bad sign and as i mentioned chinese figure is that relevant university are saying look this economy is not growing any more than one seven so i think when they say that they're growing at sixty five well you can't account for that other than purposeful and distortion. interesting and valuable insights tonight from gordon chang joining us tonight from florida mr shand we appreciate it thank you. tenny marshall star of the one nine hundred seventy sitcom laverne and shirley and one of the most successful female film directors of all time has died at the age of seventy five her agent says she passed away at her home due to complications from diabetes marshall first rose to stardom as laverne fazio the gravel voiced brewery worker struggling to find love and happiness she then made the transition to directing her credits include box office hits such as big starring tom hanks and the critically acclaimed awakenings with robin williams and robert deniro and that
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movie a league of their own. she will be missed the day is nearly done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter. you can reach us to use the hashtag newday every member no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow another day will see you. both.
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this is. the disgraced former general who worked for president drunk and law to the f.b.i. a u.s. court has postponed sentencing for but not before a judge lambasted him saying the former national security adviser sold out his own country also coming up the dangers and the heat confronting reporters around the world a new report. on the journalism to tell the truth no matter.


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